Is AGAPE part of a denomination?

  • No. The Agape Church of Christ is an independent church that has it’s roots in the American Restoration movement.

What can I expect if I visit on a Sunday Morning?

  • You can expect to be warmly greeted. We have registration cards, but if you choose not to fill one out, that’s ok.

  • You can expect a judgement free zone. We’re here to help you become what Christ wants you to be, not judge you for your current situation.

  • You can expect a “30 minute or less” sermon that is uplifting, Biblical, and relevant.

  • You can expect a simple, participatory, and uplifting worship experience.

  • You can expect communion (The Lord’s Supper) to be offered each Sunday.

  • You can expect the worship service to last approximately 60 minutes.

Are visitors expected to give?

  • Absolutely not. If you would like to give, you certainly can, but you will not be pressured.

What should I wear?

  • Agape is a “come as you are” group of believers. You will see people with Jeans and T-shirts, as well as people in dress shirts and ties. No need to get all dressed up. (Unless you want to!)

How do I become a member of AGAPE?

  • If you are already a Christian, we have an AGAPE 101 class after worship on the 2nd and 4th Sundays. During this class you will find out all about Agape and have an opportunity to ask questions. You don’t have to make an appointment. Just stick around after worship. The class lasts about 45 minutes.

  • If you are not a Christian, we would be glad to share with you what the Bible says about becoming a follower of Jesus. Just let us know.

What are your theological beliefs?

  • This is taught in our AGAPE 101 class, and there is a brief snapshot on the home page under “who are we.”

What is “TWO FORTY-TWO” on Wednesday evenings?

  • In Acts 2:42, it says the early church devoted themselves “to the apostles teaching, and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” So, we come together and eat a light meal, talk, pray, and study the Bible.

Do you have Children’s Ministries?

  • Our Children’s Ministry is a work in progress. We will have a Children’s and Teen classes on Wednesday nights during two-Forty-Two. Beginning in September, we will have Children’s worship at 10:00 a.m. and “KIDS CLUB” at 11:15. We will also have quarterly “Family Movie Nights” beginning in September.

Are there opportunities for learning outside of the building?

  • Yes! We have small groups that meet in coffee shops and restaurants throughout the week. Email us at agapestjohns@yahoo.com to ask for times and locations.

If your question was not answered, feel free to email us at agapestjohns@yahoo.com. You can also call or text us at 904-601-9639